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Protective, Stylish, and Washable AC Covers online for your Split AC indoor and outdoor units in Pakistan.

Protective, Stylish & Washable Split AC Covers

Tired of cleaning and washing your Split AC and just unable to find a way to protect AC from dust and dirt? Perfect Home brings Split AC Covers. Using these AC Covers, you can not only protect your expensive Air Conditioner from collecting dirt and dust, but it will also add a stylish look to it.

You will only find AC covers made of parachute and plastic in the market to protect your AC’s indoor and outdoor AC. Such AC covers do not add a good touch to your interior. PerfectHome has designed these AC covers with high-quality cotton/duck fabric and some of these designs are quilted to add a luxurious touch.

These covers for AC are waterproof, washable, and protect your AC from dust and dirt. These are very easy to put on and remove. With high-quality fabric, these covers can easily last more than one season.

The outdoor unit of AC Cover is made of waterproof fabric that prevents water, dust, dirt, snow, and humidity to infiltrate your outdoor unit.

What is the price of these AC Covers?

AC Cover price depends on the size of your AC. There are different prices depending on the size e.g. 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, etc. Please go to your desired design, select your AC size, and you’ll see the Split AC cover price in Pakistan.

Are these covers available for Split ACs only?

No. We can make covers for any type of Air Conditioners including Split ACs and floor standing ACs as well. Pictures provided here are for split AC covers.

Can I buy these AC Covers Online?

Yes, that is exactly what we are serving here. Simply click/tap on your desired AC Cover online and complete your purchase. Simply put, you can buy ac cover online in Pakistan from

Are these AC Covers available in Pakistan only?

Correct! PerfectHome delivers its products only in Pakistan. Within Pakistan, it can be any city, be it Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, or any other city. These AC covers are available in Pakistan.

Do you have an AC Outdoor Cover?

Yes, we also make AC outdoor unit covers.

Is the AC cover waterproof?

Yes, the outdoor cover is made of waterproof fabric to provide protection against harsh weather. However, the indoor AC cover is made of quilted fabric/jute.

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