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Looking to buy decent-designed fridge covers at affordable prices? We have a wide range of fridge covers in different colors and designs. Therefore, you can choose your favorite color or design from the products listed below and place an order.

Buy Stylish Fridge Covers Online in Pakistan

The fridge cover enhances the beauty of your kitchen area. The color combination and design of these covers are quite attractive and elegant, and it is easy to wash. provides you a good quality fridge covers at affordable prices. You can buy these covers for your refrigerator online all over Pakistan. The fridge cover protects your fridge from dust and stains from the top and sides and makes your fridge look decent. The quality of these covers is very fine. Additionally, crafted from a three-layered quilted fabric, the fridge cover features an outer layer of cotton fabric and an inner filling sheet. This design not only imparts a soft and stylish appearance to the cover but also ensures its durability. It is very easy to wash. You can either machine wash or handwash these covers. We have a solid return and exchange policy in place. So, order with confidence.

Features of Refrigerator covers

  • Affordable Price: The price of this cover is very affordable.
  • Size: The covers are available in standard sizes. However, we also offer customization service, which means we can make fridge covers of any size on customer’s demand.
  • Material: We use good-quality cotton quilted fabric.
  • Easy to clean: It’s easy to clean cotton fabric. You can machine wash the cover and can handwash it as well.
  • Customizable: While we have thoroughly researched our fridge cover sizes, you can have your fridge cover customized according to your preferences.
  • Design: It’s beautifully designed to cover the top of your refrigerator and features three pockets for accessories.

Sizes for Fridge / Refrigerator Covers

These are the available sizes of fridge covers depending on the standard sizes of the refrigerators. Checkout the fridge cover size table below:

Small17 x 46
Medium20 x 64
large/Jumbo24 x 72
Double door27 x 86
Custom sizeAny sizes are available on customer demand
sizing guide for fridge/refrigerator covers.


What is the price of the fridge cover?

The product listings above already indicate the price of the fridge cover.

What material do you use for the fridge cover?

Three-layered quilted fabric makes up our Fridge covers, utilizing cotton on the outside and the quilt sheet on the inside.

Is this fridge cover available in Pakistan?

yes, these covers are available all over Pakistan.

Can I buy this cover online?

yes, we sell these covers online all over Pakistan.

How many sizes are available in the fridge covers?

We offer four sizes small, medium, large/Jumbo, and Double doors, custom sizes are also available on customer demand.

How do I clean my Fridge cover?

You can machine wash and hand wash as well.

Why do I use the fridge cover?

It is important to keep your refrigerator covered, it protects your fridge from dust stains and useless scratches.

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