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PerfectHome provides beautifully designed, stylish, washable, and good-quality iron board cover for your home that you can buy online. These iron stand covers are made of three-layered quilted fabric which not only protects your furniture but also provides a smooth ironing experience.

Buy Quilted and Stylish Iron Stand/Board cover Online

PerfectHome has brought you beautifully designed iron board covers. we have different designs and colors in fine-quality fabric for your perfect ironing experience. Our ironing board covers are manufactured from three-layered quilted fabric with cotton on the outside and a quilted sheet in the middle. This ensures complete safety and a comfortable ironing experience. We offer iron stand covers in a standard size of 18×39 inches. However, we also provide customized sizes that perfectly fit your iron table. These covers will not only give a new look to your iron stand but also protect it from scratches and stains caused by iron heat and this will help to extend the life of your iron board. It also provides a smooth and even surface for ironing. The cover’s elasticized border ensures it fits on your ironing board and protects against sliding around while in use.

We take pride in providing our clients with high-quality, durable, and useful iron stand cloth covers. Our covers fulfill all ironing demands, whether you are a professional or a household. Then why wait? for a simple and perfect ironing experience, order your iron board cover immediately! We deliver the best quality online product to your doorstep. You can buy iron stand covers online from anywhere in Pakistan, including but not limited to the main cities such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, and more. For any questions about the product, you can check below FAQ section.

Features of Iron Stand Covers

  • Price: Affordable price.
  • Elastic edge: An elastic on the edges of the cover helps to ensure a snug fit over the iron board.
  • Easy to clean: You can hand wash and machine wash as well.
  • Material: Three Layered great quality quilted fabric used.
  • Heat resistance: Quilted fabric also has heat resistance.


What is the price of the Iron board cover?

The price of iron stand covers is mentioned at the top of this page right below the picture of each ironing board cover.

What is the best cover for an iron board?

Quilted fabric is a good choice for ironing.

Can I buy an iron stand cover online in Pakistan?

Yes, ironing table covers are available all over Pakistan using cash on-delivery service and we will deliver your order within 2-3 days. We cover almost all major and minor cities of Pakistan including, but not limited to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, and many more.

How many layers does your iron board cover have?

Our iron table covers have three layers of quilted fabric for maximum protection and durability.

What sizes are available for your iron board covers?

The standard size of our iron table/board cover is 18×39 inches. However, we also make custom-sized covers. If you have an iron board or stand that does not fall under standard size, please contact us on WhatsApp: 03216888668 or place an order on the website and mention your iron board size in the Notes.

How do I install the iron board cover?

Installing our iron stand cover is very easy – simply slip the cover over the ironing board and adjust and tighten the edges of the cover using the string that runs through the edges.

How do I care for my iron stand cloth cover?

To prolong the life of your iron board cover, machine wash it in cold water and hang dry it. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Can I use your ironing board cover on a steam ironing board?

Yes, our iron stand covers are suitable for use with steam ironing boards and will help distribute steam evenly for better results.

Do you offer any warranty on your iron table covers?

Yes, we offer a one-year warranty on all our iron stand covers. If you encounter any defects or issues with your cover, please contact us for a replacement.

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