TWIN-42 – Maroon Hearts Waterproof Twintub Washing Machine Cover


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  • Waterproof Twin Tub Washing Machine Cover
  • Sunscreen, Waterproof, and dustproof
  • Ultimate Protection against water, dust, and scratches
  • Easy to remove and Clean
  • Quality product with perfect fitting.
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In every home, the washing machine is one of the most in-use home appliances. Everyone wants their washing machine to have a longer life. Here we have a product that will help in achieving that objective. presents the best washing machine cover that is not only waterproof, it also provides protection against sunlight, dust, and scratches. These internationally renowned washing machine covers are now available in Pakistan for you to buy online. Our washing machine cover is available for Top Load, Front Load, Single tun, twin tub washing machines, spinners, and dryers as well. We make covers for washing machines from almost any brand including LG, Samsung, Haier, Dawlance, Super Asia, and Bosch etc. We make washing machine covers for all sizes starting from 6KG all the way up to 19KG capacity machines. Perfect Home also makes customized washing machine covers as per buyer’s requirements.

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TTC-41 Maroon heart twin tub washing machine cover waterproofTWIN-42 – Maroon Hearts Waterproof Twintub Washing Machine Cover
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